Business Waste Collection

We provide without charge or rental 1100ltr, 360ltr and 240ltr bins for General Waste, Recycling, Food Waste and Glass Waste as required. The legislation in place since the 1st January 2014 now requires businesses to ensure some segregation, and although this can be read ambiguously, we are happy to advise how best to proceed for your actual business needs. General waste and recycling is collected in 240, 360 and 1100 ltr bins.


  • Food is collected in 240ltr lined bins, keeping the bins clean.
  • Glass is collected in either 240 or 360 ltr bins.
  • Cooking oil is collected in 100ltr bins
  • Dry mixed recycling can accept: Poly wrap and Films, Cardboard, Paper, Newspaper, Shredded paper, Plastic Bottles and Tin Cans.
  • Collection frequency can be twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your requirements and can vary to cover busier periods – This makes a very efficient service and reduces wasted time and resources – and your costs!


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